Paul Watson, another threatened species

9 July, Lush Cosmetics, a business firmly opposed to animal testing, launched a campaign in France, Luxembourg and Belgium to demand the release of Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd  Conservation Society (SSCS). 13 May, Paul Watson had been arrested in Frankfurt after a warrant for his arrest was issued by Costa Rica in October 2011, for “violation of maritime traffic”, a charge they say dates back over ten years ago, when SSCS intervened in an illegal shark finning exercise. Costa  Rica’s motivations remain unclear, but SSCS suspects the Japanese whaling industry is pulling the strings in the background, manoeuvring for Paul Watson’s extradition from Costa Rica to Japan. 25  July, the Frankfurt court of appeal ruled in favour of extradition… but their ruling came too late: 22 July, after seventy days of conditional freedom, Paul Watson had already set sail for another unknown  destination.